Growing up in sleepy Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Studley Do-Right was committed to honor and justice. He walked the straight and narrow path, from the first time he helped an old lady carry groceries to the day he began to serve in the Canadian Foreign Legion. But Studley soon soured on military life. Perhaps it was his ethical qualms about burning down villages, or perhaps it was the deep-seated exhibitionism he could no longer contain. Our boy took off (deserting the army) and took off (his clothes for a living). Exhilarated by his new way of life, Studley caught a glimpse of a greater destiny when he saw the ineffable glamor of an Effie’s Club Follies show. After an ill-fated attempt to become an Effie’s girl by disguising himself as the sensuous Victoria Euphoria, Miss Effie sighed and took him into the troupe, where he performs to this day.

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