Misty is a scrappy intergalactic traveler who has spent many years running from various law enforcement agencies on many planets in numerous solar systems throughout a variety of galaxies. She tends to wear out her welcome and conveniently skip town just before being apprehended. Her mode of travel is believed to be a space ship cleverly disguised as a whiskey bottle. She has been seen with this bottle often and drinks from it regularly. The bottle has an antique look and a label that says “Badass Likker”. It is suspected that this bottle contains an intoxicant from her home planet that Misty is immune to, but has been known to cause earthlings to temporarily black out. It is thought that she has used this fluid as her method of escape.

Misty is happiest when people are laughing because of something she did, threw or said…And based on a space rumor that earthlings have the funniest jokes in the universe, Misty thought it would be the ideal planet for her “Y2K Tale-of-Impending-Doom” joke. She planned her arrival right before the millennium countdown began and started sending communications out detailing all the problems and doom that was about to befall the entire planet. Misty then waited anxiously for the world to start laughing at her “Faux-DoomDom” farce. She is a good bit disappointed with the results of that!

She has spent a good number of years traveling around our planet looking for “A Good Laugh!” She is fortunate to have found a home with Miss Effie and the Effie’s Club Follies where the antics are often and hilarious! She is the gal best known as “She Did THAT?!”

Misty likes Hedghogs, Coffee and to throw things, not always in that order.

Misty’s Earth Year Birthday is March 21st & 22nd (it is complicated)