Born with a silver spoon in her mouth Iona got a taste for the finer things early on in life. Unfortunately as the only child of a wealthy southern father she found herself trapped in a debutante filled, delicate flower expecting social death trap as she grew older. Finally one day she had enough. Fed up with being told to not worry her “pretty little head” and “let the men handle it honey” Iona threw off her kid gloves and ran away to join a pirate crew. There her unique ability to convince a mark to think her a helpless damsel in distress served her well as she plundered her way to a fortune of her own. She feels the best definition of “Steel Magnolia” is her cutlass. Pretty to look at but oh so sharp to trifle with.

Eventually she made her way to Athens where she met a crew unlike any other she’d come across in Effies Club Follies. For now she’s made her berth here and looks forward to the next fair wind and adventure it brings

Iona’s birthday is April 14th.