Dee Flowered has been cheerfully sharing her special brand of glamour and giggles with lucky audiences since joining Effie’s Club Follies in 2009. Known as “The Doris Day of Dropping Trou,” Dee is particularly influenced by old Hollywood musicals and has a penchant for hiding props in strange places on her person! Dee has been a guest performer and featured in festival showcases across the United States. Dee is also actively involved in the independent feminist film making of Gonzoriffic and can be seen in films such as Barbara, Pajama Nightmare, Space Boobs, and My Minute with Marilyn.

In addition to performing, Miss Flowered teaches classes on the art of wig wearing and styling and on burlesque Entertainment Theory.

Dee’s guest performances have included:
Athens Showgirl Cabaret – Athens, GA
Bible Belt Burlesque – Perry, GA
Boybutante AIDS Foundation, Inc. Annual Boybutante Ball – Athens, GA
Bump & Grunge Burlesque – Athens, GA
Burliterati (Hysteria Machines) – Atlanta, GA
Daring Dames & Vaude Villains – Atlanta, GA
• Frolicon in Atlanta, GA
• Gender Fuzions – Monroe, GA
GOTHAM: A Tale of Two Faces (Hysteria Machines) – Atlanta, GA (link to photos)
Mammoriam 2016 by Bump & Grunge Burlesque – Athens, GA
Sadie Hawkins Productions – Atlanta, GA
Salomé Cabaret – Knoxville, TN
Savannah Sweet Tease – Savannah, GA
• Sex Ed Burlesque produced by Bettie Bullet – Atlanta, GA
Sexpelliarmus (Hysteria Machines) – Atlanta, GA
Shamelessly Hot – Columbia, SC
Syrens of the South Tits for Toys for Tots – Atlanta, GA (link is to Dee’s video)
Viva Dallas’ Burton Burlesque – Dallas, TX

Juried selection festivals and conventions Dee Flowered has performed in include:
• 2013 DragonCon Burlesque in Atlanta, GA
• 2014 Southern Fried Burlesque Festival in Atlanta, GA
• 2014 Windy City Burlesque Festival in Chicago, IL (link is to Dee’s video)
• 2015 Discordia Days Burlesque Festival in Greensboro, SC
• 2015 DragonCon Burlesque in Atlanta, GA
• 2015 The Great Southern Exposure Burlesque & Variety Arts Festival in Charlotte, NC
• 2015 Southern Fried Burlesque Festival in Atlanta, GA
• 2016 Discordia Days Burlesque Festival in Greensboro, SC
• 2016 Smoky Mountain Burlesque Festival in Knoxville, TN
• 2016 YamaCon in Pigeon Forge, TN
• 2017 Freezing Tassel Burlesque Festival in Anchorage, AK