The TIT7135 was created as part of Japan’s first line of AI life partners.  Provided extensive training in domestic duties and marital responsibilities, the TIT7135 became compromised when it discovered the “Google.”  The TIT7135 immediately wiped its hard drive of all previous training in favor of every YouTube video, cat meme, and pop culture reference it could possibly store.  The robot was promptly written off as a loss and locked away.

It was in that dark, dank storage facility that the TIT7135 realized that it could be more than just a purchasable commodity and had much to offer the world.  She made her escape to Athens, Georgia, and rebooted herself as Tittiana Sprinkles.  It was there that Effie’s Club Follies found her while performing a mashup of the Wobble, Boot Scootin’ Boogie, and Badger, Badger, Badger while trying to make rent.  The troupe quickly realized the potential that Tittiana had and took her under their wing.

Tittiana Sprinkles can now be found performing nerdlesque around Athens and Atlanta as part of Effie’s Club Follies serving up absurdist humor and sick dance moves topped with a pop culture soaked cherry.  Call her Tittiana Sprinkles, just Titti Sprinkles, or Sprankles for short – Tittiana is going to be a star, senpai!

Birthday: March 30