Pandora Disaster is proof that sinful temptation can appear in many delightfully unconventional ways. This Gothic goddess first appeared in 2008, but waited in the shadows, honing her skills, until she could fully emerge in the light where her darkness could wickedly shine. During an appearance at a seedy, smoke filled club, Pandora caught the eye of Miss Effie who offered her a place in the light of the Effie’s Club Follies. Since that day, Pandora has strutted forwards and not dared to look back! Pandora has performed in several venues and troupes across Georgia, and can be seen entertaining the masses with her home troupe, the Effie’s Club Follies, in Athens Georgia. However, be aware and be cautious, because this seductress will reel you in with her mischievous charms, and flirtatious repartee, Pandora rises up from the darkest depths of imagination, where the crawlies creep and the demons sleep, only to draw you in, take a bite, and leave you begging for more!