Effie’s Club Follies is an Athens, GA based group of performers that are a little bit slap-strip comedic burlesque, a lot sexy and whole lot talented. This website is dedicated to their shenanigans; vaudeville, singing, dancing, juggling, magic, and of course, burlesque. We know you’re itching to learn more about us.


Interact with us as a troupe on Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Twitter; or, get in touch with one of our performers directly by visiting their stage pages here.

We don’t bite; and, those of us that do have had our shots.


Interested in becoming a member of Effie’s Club Follies? Whether you want to be behind the scenes or stage center, fill out this handy informational form telling us all about who you are and what you want out of life. Or at least out of Effie’s Club Follies (not to be confused with real life).